IRCTC Train Schedule - Offers Complete Information on Train Timings
23.05.2013 17:27

There are as many as 1000 trains running under Indian Railways, connecting various parts of the country. Indian Railways has assigned a unique code to each of the railway stations, so that the passengers can get the latest information on them within a few seconds. To check the IRCTC train schedule, you have to logon to the website of IRCTC and enter the station codes of the source and destination stations. This will provide you a list of all the trains running on the route specified along with their timings.

On the website of IRCTC, you can find a link to get Indian Railway time table. It gives you all the information you need regarding a particular train. It contains the arrival time and departure time of trains at each station. So you get a clear idea as to how long a train stays at a station. Thus, you can pack your luggage accordingly. The train stays for a long time in large stations and in smaller stations it stays only for about five minutes. Local trains usually stay for one to two minutes at each station. To be more precise, the Real Time Train Information was introduced by Indian Railways recently, which gives train running information real time to the travelers on their mobiles and laptops.

The IRCTC train schedule is updated whenever a change is made in the timings of the train. As soon as there is a change in the timings of a train, it is entered on the website, so you can rely on the online train schedule.


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